Helping companies leverage technology to unlock customer value

We provide the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to translate our clients' business needs into digital solutions. Obsidian Information Technologies is a technology consultancy specialising in the design, development and implementation of custom software systems. We provide external software development services to help companies compete in the Internet Age using digital solutions.

Architecture + Software design
Architectural design of the enterprise solutions, including Applications, Components, Mobile apps, Data, API + Integration and Infrastructure for on-premise, private and public Cloud.

Software development
Custom-built enterprise system: components, front-end, services + APIs and databases. Automated testing and DevOps pipelines included for cloud-enabled environments.

Deployment + Implementation
Implementation of Cloud infrastructure using IaC, configuration management. Software deployment through DevOps pipelines to cloud environments on AWS, Azure and GCP.

Digital Transformation
Applying technology leadership and technical expertise to transform ageing businesses into digital ecosystems that serve customers through digital channels running on efficient enterprise software systems.

Assisting clients maximise value from technology assets through auditing of technology platforms, assessing engineering maturity and practices, and assessing vendor and products. Strategic and tactical technology advisory services

Training + Education
Learn about modern software development methodologies, practices and paradigms, including Agile Metods, Scrum, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), DevOps and Digital Transformation.

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